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Creating and exchanging knowledge

The collaborative character of the research implies that the accompanying researchers, together with the outsiders and other parties involved, create knowledge about richer forms of interaction with the target group. This is done by a shared thinking about, exploring of and reflecting on(inter)actions. Getting to know one another is so closely intertwined in this process that in this context we speak of 'creating knowledge together'.
We regard the joint knowledge construction process within WAVE as a series of events that are all about coordination, trust, and a group approach. This makes the exchange between the outsiders and those directly involved in each case the core of the knowledge creation process. Between them, we explore the extent to which different backgrounds can lead to different interpretations, and ways of thinking and acting with regard to deadlocked situations of challenging behaviour. We call this process the 'inner circle'.
Around this circle, in which research, experimentation and innovation come together, is an outer circle of learning in which relevant case study results are shared.