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Constructing knowledge together over a long period

This three-year study will monitor thirteen people with a severe or moderate intellectual disability and challenging behaviour, along with their relatives and healthcare professionals, and the patterns and systems in which they operate. In consultation with them and together with the outsider researchers and other newcomers, we intend to think and act in new ways in situations where clients have become stuck in challenging behaviour. The narratives of people who are thoroughly familiar with the care context, but who think it could be better or different, will be brought into contact with the newly developing perspectives of people from outside this context.
The fact that the data collection phase  runs for two years is not only unique, but also necessary in order to gain insight into the possibilities and difficulties that those involved are experiencing. One characteristic of the problem is that relationships with the social environment, housing, and care/guidance often fluctuate over time.
The WAVE project focuses on the daily realities of people with severe or moderate intellectual disabilities and challenging behaviour, and the professionals and relatives involved. We want to know what new possibilities and difficulties will arise if we bring the perspectives of outsiders into the current care context.