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"We have found that when counselling people with challenging behaviour, the focus is almost always on the behaviour that has to change and on the moments when it occurs. This confirms that the problem exists but does not solve anything in the long run. We hope that this approach will develop a new perspective that is no longer about people’s behaviour but looks at how we can give them what they need to live less difficult lives.”

EVB+ in beeld

“EVB+ in beeld and WAVE have many things in common.
The first is their starting points, and the ways in which context influences the wellbeing of persons with severe to moderate intellectual disabilities and challenging behaviour.
The second is their relational starting points, where the main differences lie in the conception and elaboration of these points.
Thirdly, both seek to increase the visibility of people with intellectual disabilities. EVB+ in beeld, mainly focuses on this group of people within the healthcare sector. WAVE is primarily about giving them a higher profile in new and different ways, and not solely, or even primarily, as clients within the healthcare sector."